Successfully growing Music Makers in the greater Columbus, Ohio area since 1987
            Private Piano Lessons for Beginning through Early Advanced Levels  -   Ages 5 to Adult   
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*Discover & Express the Music in You*

     Sharon Renkes Piano Studio

Private Piano Lessons for Ages 5 to Adult        Beginning - Early Advanced Levels 
Inquiries & Referrals always welcome               Free interview and teaching demo 
          Growing Music Makers in the greater Columbus, Ohio area since 1987

1: Sharon Renkes Piano Studio / Private Piano Lessons
     "Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul."  -- Plato

Welcome! The Sharon Renkes Piano Studio has been successfully growing Music Makers in the greater Columbus, Ohio area since 1987.  Private piano lessons are offered for beginning through early advanced level students, ages 5 to adult. New students begin their lessons as soon as openings are available in the teaching schedule. Most students begin with 30 minute lessons, increasing to 45 and 60 minute lessons as they progress. Specific teaching material is chosen for each student and individual lesson plans are developed. 


                                        In light of the Covid19 Pandemic

            Online virtual lessons using FaceTime or Zoom are available and preferred.  

                        A return to in-person lessons will be considered when   

            Risk Level Guidelines remain at Level 1 or lower for 3-4 continuous weeks.

During the Fall, Winter & Spring (September 1 - May 31) A specific day and time, recurring weekly, is reserved for each student's private lesson. Tuition is paid in 9 equal monthly amounts.

Summer lessons (June 1 - August 31) Flexible scheduling allows for camps, sports, vacations and family activities.  Tuition is determined by the number of lessons scheduled each month.

In-person music instruction takes place in the piano teacher's personal home studio, located in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. Free on-street parking and WiFi are available. The studio's learning atmosphere is calm and positive, with lesson content focused on each student's individual learning styles, needs and goals using digital and acoustic pianos, rhythm instruments, music themed games, solo and ensemble playing, singing and body movement. Due to Covid19, in-person lessons will be held only when the risk guidelines are at Level 1 or lower.  Both teacher and student must wear masks during face to face lessons. Hand sanitizer will be used. Piano surfaces and entry points will be wiped down with disinfectant before and after each lesson.

Students experience a variety of repertoire and music styles along with theory, ear training, basic music history, beginning composition and improvisation. Performance opportunities are offered to share music with the studio family and the community. The curriculum is designed to introduce each student to the world of music past and present, develop appreciation for music and artistic skills, learn to play the piano expressively and read music fluently. 

It is expected that students will have an acoustic piano, tuned and in good working condition, or a digital piano with 88 full-sized weighted keys and attached legs or an X-stand, pedal and bench, in their homes for daily practice. Keyboards with less than 88 keys are not acceptable. Practice requirements vary according to the student's age and skill level. (10 - 60 minutes,  5-7 days per week)

Visit the studio web pages for more information about these topics: Meet the Teacher, Tuition & Fees, Lessons for Kids K-12, Lessons for Adults, Piano Holidays & Weekly Teaching Schedule, Studio Policies for Attendance & Missed Lessons, Billing & Payment, Acoustic & Digital Pianos vs. Keyboards, Piano Practice /Keys to Success.

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PLEASE NOTE:  Sharon Renkes (the teacher) reserves the right to photograph students during all studio activities. Such photographs, become the  property of the Sharon Renkes Piano Studio and will be used, with parental permission, at the discretion of the teacher for studio purposes only.